first tour

1)  The first day we work together, we’re not even going to look at houses much. The first day we’re going to look at areas, schools, churches, commute times, and everything else you need to know about the area. We may “pop into” one or two homes, simply so you can see what those homes look like, but also, so I can get feedback on what you’re looking for, so that I don’t waste your time. If I’ve done my job right, by the end of the first day you should have a really good idea of what price ranges you want, what schools you want, what commute times you want and what neighborhoods you want to focus on.

2) The first day we will focus on everything but the house. Real estate is like a piece of clothing: it’s only as good as the cloth. We want to make sure you’re buying the right cloth.

3) The first tour we’re going to go out for two to three hours and look at subdivisions, neighborhoods and things like their appreciation rates and property taxes. I’m going to talk to you about what I like and don’t like about all the neighborhoods, and I’m going to give you every piece of information I have on those neighborhoods. 

4) By the end of the day, if I do everything right, you’ll know which area fits you the best. The second time we go out, we’ll actually look at properties and values, and I’ll teach you about different types of layouts and what to look for in a house.