home buying timeline

Our home buyers tell us the number one regret they have about home buying is not starting the process sooner. On average, it takes about 4 months to buy a home, so for the chart below we have divided it up into 3 Phases.

Phase 1: 4-5 Months 

• This is the time to start requesting your credit reports, it is best to start paying off any credit card bills

• Start saving for the initial down payment

• Begin searching for homes online 

• Get pre-approved by your chosen lender so buyers know you’re serious. 

• Set up saved searches online so you’re notified when new homes come on the market.

Phase 2: 1-2 Months

• Make an offer, but be prepared: Our research shows that just under half of buyers have their first offer accepted.

• If your search stretches on, check to see if your pre-approval letter needs to be renewed.

• After an offer is accepted, schedule a professional inspection.

• Start planning your move, either DIY or with a professional.

Phase 3: 1 Month

• Pick an insurer and tell the lender who it is. You can’t finalize a loan without homeowners insurance.

• Make sure your down payment funds are easily accessible.

• Fill out change of address forms and establish utilities in your name at your new address.