AGENt vs transaction broker


For Buyers:

1) There are two ways for us to work together. One way is called “buyer agency.” The other way is called “transaction broker.” The biggest difference is that when you bring in a buyer’s agent, then I can find out the seller’s motivating factors, such as: are they relocating or something more? As a buyer’s agent, I can tell you everything that I know, thereby increasing your leverage to negotiate. As a transaction broker, I can’t tell you anything about what their motivating factors are, and therefore I wouldn’t be able to save you money. 

2) Our agency makes it a standard of ours not to take part in what is called "Dual Agency". This is when a selling/listing agent takes on any buyer who happens to call the number on the sign outside their client's listed house. Any time you work with the agent that is listing a house, that agent's primary fiduciary responsibility is actually to the the seller, not you. It is very important, regardless of who you go with, to get a buyer's agent that does not have a conflict of interest when representing you.